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Let’s uncover the best places to eat, drink
and shop at the Myer Centre.

The largest shopping centre in Rundle Mall.

Meet, shop, eat, park and explore. Grab a bite, get style inspiration, peruse Myer’s flagship store and Adelaide’s best shops – all conveniently across the five-level shopping centre that connects to the city’s famous Rundle Mall. 

It’s the centre of shopping, food, fashion, fun and culture… and the reason to come to Rundle Mall. 


Make a day of it at the Myer Centre. Shop, eat and attend an event. Find special offers and competitions.


Big brands & speciality stores. A diverse array of stores that promise to elevate your shopping experience

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Media Makeup Academy Debuts at Myer Centre

Exciting news for beauty enthusiasts: Media Makeup Academy has opened its doors at Myer Centre, providing personalized training, top-notch facilities, industry connections, and accredited courses recognized by the Australian Government. With small class sizes ensuring individualized attention, students can expect support from experienced instructors and comprehensive Student Support Services. The academy’s state-of-the-art facilities, including studios for practical training and cutting-edge resources for theoretical study, aim to enhance the learning experience. Moreover, Media Makeup’s established reputation in the industry means graduates are highly sought after by employers, offering abundant career opportunities. Backed by a dedicated team of professionals, Media Makeup Academy is committed to guiding students towards success in their beauty careers. Whether aspiring makeup artists or those seeking to refine their skills, the academy provides a supportive environment for students to realise their dreams in the dynamic world of beauty.

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