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The largest shopping centre in Rundle Mall.

Meet, shop, eat, park and explore. Grab a bite, get style inspiration, peruse Myer’s flagship store and Adelaide’s best shops – all conveniently across the five-level shopping centre that connects to the city’s famous Rundle Mall. 

It’s the centre of shopping, food, fashion, fun and culture… and the reason to come to Rundle Mall. 


Make a day of it at the Myer Centre. Shop, eat and attend an event. Find special offers and competitions.


Big brands & speciality stores. A diverse array of stores that promise to elevate your shopping experience

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Pop Frenzy brings viral collectible toy sensation to Myer Centre.

The designer toy brand that’s captured culture, Pop Mart, has opened in South Australia. Pop Mart sells one-of-a-kind toy collectibles and action figures, of custom-created and well-known characters.

From classic collectibles like Buzz Lightyear and Snow White, to new lovable characters designed by renowned partner artists, there’s no toys like Pop Mart and no place like Pop Frenzy.

Pop Mart’s famous blind box experience, one of the OG brands to make unboxing a thing, adds to the magic and mystique.

Pop Frenzy is for the young and the young-at-heart. The mega collection of large figurines make epic gifts and stunning display pieces, for kid’s rooms, play spaces, teen hangout spaces, and man caves.

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