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CDW Studios presents amazing masterclasses
November 14, 2023 0 Comments

CDW Studios presents two amazing masterclasses

The first masterclass of the year, CDW Studios will be bringing you legendary Peter Han

Peter was educated at Art Center College of Design and graduated with a B.A. in illustration with a focus on entertainment design. He then started working in concept design for video games creating work for major companies such as Sony, Konami, Cheyenne Mountain, Trion, Vivendi Universal, and many more. Peter’s credits include: Warhawk, Spyro the Dragon, Stargate Worlds, Silent Hill Experience, and Defiance.

This master class is designed to develop your foundations as a designer, you will learn how to break objects down to the most basic geometric forms and learn how to translate any object; live or inanimate on to paper with precision and ease. Through the use of pen and tone paper, you will learn to be more confident in your lines, and be aware of line economy. Topics such as perspective, gesture and drawing through will be covered during the event.

Only 7 spots left for this Masterclass!!!

The second AMAZING international guest is 3D Mastermind Bryan Wynia

Bryan is currently working as a Senior Character Artist at ID Software. Previously he worked at Sony Santa Monica and Naughty Dog, where he contributed to God of War: Ascension and the Uncharted series. He also works as a freelance Character Designer and Sculptor.

Some of his clients include, Legacy Effects, Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, The Aaron Sims Company, Gentle Giant Studios, and Masked Avenger Studios. His work has been featured in Famous Monsters of Filmland, Imagine FX, 3D Artist, 3D World, and Ballistic Publishing’s Essence: Creatures.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from the best in the business – CDW Studios Team.

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