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March 14, 2024 0 Comments

A rotating regional cellar door & distillery floor in the Rundle Mall icon

Myer Centre Adelaide shopping landmark is redefining retail, revealing a surprising new face, and a revolving floor for South Australia’s drink makers.

The Myer Centre has always been more than a mall. From the glory days of Dazzeland with its thrilling roller coaster, the centre was a retail amusement park – with this nostalgia fondly nestled in South Australia’s memory.
This adventurous spirit is springing back to life, in a different way. While passers-by see the finishing touches of the exterior façade construction project and might skip a visit to the centre for next time, inside the Centre the traffic, and now drinks, are both flowing.

When the façade upgrade project was announced, we knew we had to include new ideas to entice people through our bustling Rundle Mall entrance.

It was Myer Centre’s Retail Manager, Jordan Smith, who had the epiphany.

Coming from a family of fifth-generation vineyard owners in the Riverland, Smith’s cracking idea was to adapt the available floor space into a showcase of our lesser-known wine regions. With the Centre’s focus already on elevating local small businesses, retail and wine was a perfect pairing.

With her local connection, Smith invited award-winning Riverland winemakers Ricca Terra to launch the wine tasting pop-up program in the Myer Centre. The initiative put a unique spotlight onto regional wines that don’t receive as much attention as the world-famous Barossa and McLaren Vale.

The Riverland is more than close to Smith’s heart; it’s also Australia’s fastest-growing wine region, despite being overlooked due to its distant location.

There are few regions in the world with the diversity of land, culture, and history of South Australia. While the Barossa’s shiraz has built our reputation as a globally regarded wine region, Ricca Terra believes the Riverland could add equally enticing viticultural chapters, well into our future.

“Ricca Terra has unintentionally become a beacon of inspiration. We took a firm line to set an example of how a first-generation, small family business, could craft a wine business with exceptional and affordable wines,” says Ricca Terra’s winemaker, Ashley Ratcliff.

“The ongoing and future support of South Australian food and wine lovers will ensure wine continues to have a family connection rather than a corporate bottom-line.”

Ratcliff describes wines “like a library” with styles, flavours, and interests for everyone. “Some are serious, some are romantic, and most are fun,” Ratcliff adds. Wine pop-ups are just as much about the storytelling as they are about the tasting.

There’s a broader story being revealed here – giving visitors a taste of a South Australian wine success story, thriving without exporting to China.

Smith shares how the Myer Centre wanted to bring the crème of the Riverland into Adelaide’s retail epicentre, activating fertile floorspace to bring the community together to meet, learn, celebrate, and discover our up and coming global wine successes.

Ricca Terra and the Riverland led the way in this delicious new series and was followed by other South Australian wineries and regions, such as Zonte’s Footstep in McLaren Flat. The series was such a success, organisers have expanded to include local, boutique distillers.

Showcasing distilleries, during harvest season

Plan your next trip to the Myer Centre during one of our pop-up distillery events. Come by for tastings, live music, ambience, and awesomeness.

Friday, 15 March: Happenstance Distillery

Friday, 5 April (4-8pm) and Saturday, 6 April (11am-2pm): Unico Zelo

Friday, 19 April, to Sunday, 21 April: Storyteller’s Distillery

Friday, 3 May, to Sunday, 5 May: Imperial Measures Distilling

Friday, 17 May (4-8pm) and Saturday, 18 May (11am-2pm): Unico Zelo

The ground floor will continue to stage, host and present pop-up events in between scheduled events, even after construction is complete – so keep the Myer Centre in mind for your after work knock-offs and weekend plans.

Looking ahead, with the magic of Myer Centre’s past

The Myer Centre is seeing visitation already growing, with the introduction of new initiatives like the pop-up cellar-door tastings.

We’ve seen the city transform economically and culturally from the Small Venue Liquor Licence law. It’s spurred an identity shift for Adelaide that’s changed the city’s psyche, both in the perception of locals and visitors. The Myer Centre hopes to spark similar change, using its landmark location to redefine retail and the shopping experience for South Australians.

While the wonder of the Myer Centre’s early years is still fondly remembered, the exterior developments adds a distinct stage in its evolution. A maturing new era for the centre – with wine tastings, art exhibits, fashion shows and discos – at a time where retail needs a makeover.

Myer Centre shopping’s got SA wines popping.

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