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Myer Centre turns city shopping floors into SA cellar doors
November 14, 2023 0 Comments

Myer Centre turns city shopping floors into SA cellar doors

South Australia is responsible for producing nearly half of the country’s wine, and despite the harsh impact of China’s tariff on Australian wine, a bold new joint initiative between Myer Centre Adelaide and Ricca Terra Wines plans to tell a different story. A South Australian success story.

With our state home to some of the world’s best wine, we’re using our city location to ‘transport’ visitors to an iconic wine region they might be yet to experience: The Riverland. It’s Australia’s largest wine growing region, yet for many, it’s unknown, compared to the famous Barossa or McLaren Vale. Each of South Australia’s wine regions have unique geographical characteristics that make distinguishable wines.

Ricca Terra wine tasting weekends

The adored, award-winning Ricca Terra wines have led the way as the first in the series of wine tasting weekends – giving wine lovers a taste of the fruitful region – and giving winemakers a sense of the success possible. The Myer Centre has become the focal point, attracting and enticing new wine fans, and increasing our state’s wine sales.

The series launched in September and will continue through October, for notable events such as ADL Fashion Week. Come by for a tasting, live music, and to support the future of our state’s small wineries that give us our international food and wine reputation.

You’ve tasted the Barossa and travelled to McLaren Vale, but have you realised your love for the Riverland?

Ashley Ratcliff from Ricca Terra – who held the title of Riverland Winemaker of the Year – romanicely describes the uniqueness of their Riverland wines.

“Cutting through the heart of the Riverland is the Murray River (Australia’s largest river system). The abundance of native flora and fauna, morning fogs that blanket the river and the gentle flow of water heading south towards the Murray Mouth creates the perfect setting for a quintessential Australia wine region, that cannot be replicated anywhere in the world. The wines crafted from the Riverland are fresh, vibrant and show little respect for boundaries, very much like a meandering river”

This we must protect. The future of this industry, our state, and our country, relies on it.

Ratcliff adds: “Ricca Terra, unintentionally, has become a beacon of inspiration. We took a firm line to set an example of how a first generation, small family business, could craft a wine business that crafted exceptional and affordable wines. The ongoing and future support of South Australian wine lovers will ensure wine continues to have a family connection rather than a corporate bottom line.”

The Myer Centre is so much more than shops. It represents South Australia’s soul and good taste.

Stay tuned for more events coming soon.

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