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November 10, 2023 0 Comments

The Exhibition of Infamous Street Artist Banksy Appears at the Myer Centre.

The best artists capture the magic and malaise of a time, often reflecting back messages society needs to hear most. They use art as activism, using their voice through wonderous works. These works transcend art, becoming political and social statements, and levers of cultural change. Banksy is a true, ‘one-in-a-generation’ artist.

The power of Banksy’s art and wit is also a façade of the mind behind it, as Banksy is a pseudonym. It’s not about the name or acclaim, but rather the works, messages and their placements around the world. Banksy’s works of political, social and cultural commentary can appear anywhere, on streets, walls, bridges and public places all over the world… and now Adelaide, inside the Myer Centre.

The Art of Banksy: “Without Limits” international exhibition

The Myer Centre is thrilled to be hosting the most thought-provoking, interactive art exhibitions from the provocative artist. It’s a museum-quality exhibition featuring over 150 artworks such as certified prints, photos, sculptures, installations, murals, and more.

Experience all of Banksy’s most profound, graffiti art, in full narrative form, with the comforts and convenience of the Myer Centre. No other event exists that brings so much of Banksy’s global street art indoors, in one place to discover, be challenged, then ponder and enjoy.

Adelaide is only the second city in Australia to exhibit Banksy’s famed works, in this unique installation format, exclusive to each location. The Art of Banksy: “Without Limits” is an invitation for our urban communities to come together to experience an unprecedented perspective of our shared humanity.

This is, truly, a human revelation for all backgrounds, and all ages. The exhibition is immersive, but also educative in its poetic and poignancy. It’s the right time, as society continues to fracture and divide.

Much like Banksy’s famous stencil art of the little girl reaching out for a balloon that’s just out of arm’s reach, with the print ‘there is always hope’, we must hold onto, or hold on for, hope.

The exhibition runs from 24 August to December 2023, with the duration of the show being 45-60 minutes, and is open seven days. Ticket prices start at $39 for adults and $27 for children.

Secure your tickets before they sell out. Visit The Art of Banksy to learn more about the exhibition in Adelaide.

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