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January 10, 2024 0 Comments

Zonte’s Footstep: Uncorked Free Wine Tasting Extravaganza

Friday 19 January 4 – 8pm | Saturday 20 January 11am – 2pm | Sunday 21 January 11am – 2pm

In the heart of Adelaide’s bustling Myer Centre, wine enthusiasts and casual shoppers alike are in for a treat as Zonte’s Footstep, the proudly independent Australian wine producer, sets up a pop-up wine bar on the ground floor with free wine tastings plus glasses and bottles available for purchase. Established in 2003, Zonte’s Footstep has become synonymous with quality, personality, and a touch of irreverence in the world of Australian wines.

A Unique Blend of Vineyards

Zonte’s Footstep takes its vineyards and wines seriously, but not themselves. This is evident in their approach to winemaking, where they blend grapes from their own vineyards with those from their mates’ estates. The result is a diverse range of wines that capture the expressive, varietal characteristics of the grapes, firmly rooted in the unique soils of McLaren Vale, Langhorne Creek, Adelaide Hills, the Barossa, and beyond.

Their commitment to the “sense of place, style, and purpose” is a simple yet diligent pursuit that has defined the winery’s identity. Zonte’s Footstep strives to create wines that tell a story – a story of the land, the climate, and the people who craft them.

A Face and Name for Every Wine

Zonte’s Footstep doesn’t just produce wines; they bottle personalities and expressions. Each wine has its own name and face, a distinctive touch that sets them apart in a crowded market. This dedication to individuality allows customers to connect with the wines on a personal level, turning a simple beverage into an experience.

The pop-up wine tasting bar at Myer Centre is a celebration of this philosophy. Visitors can explore a curated selection of Zonte’s Footstep wines, each with its own unique story and flavor profile. The immersive experience offers a glimpse into the winery’s commitment to producing wines that stand out not only in taste but also in character.

McLaren Vale’s Finest Comes to Myer Centre

As McLaren Vale’s influence extends to the heart of Adelaide, the pop-up wine tasting bar at Myer Centre serves as a bridge between the vineyards and the city. Visitors can savor the rich, bold flavors of McLaren Vale wines without leaving the urban landscape, gaining an appreciation for the diverse terroirs that contribute to Zonte’s Footstep’s exceptional range.

An Invitation to Explore and Discover

Zonte’s Footstep invites wine enthusiasts and novices alike to step into their world at the Myer Centre pop-up. This limited-time tasting event promises an adventure through the vineyards, guided by the knowledgeable staff who share the stories behind each bottle.

Whether you’re a seasoned wine connoisseur or just beginning to explore the world of wines, Zonte’s Footstep welcomes all to join in the celebration of individuality, passion, and the art of winemaking. The pop-up wine tasting bar is not just an event; it’s an invitation to taste the essence of Australia’s diverse and vibrant wine culture. So, step into Zonte’s Footstep on the ground floor of the Myer Centre and let the wines speak for themselves.